Looking to balance your limited water supply?

Phase 4

H2O Sets

VRI Retrofit

0-66" Sample

Most growers and their managers don’t have time to review, analyze and then schedule varied irrigations based on the soil moisture sensor graphs provided by the hardware manufacturer.

Integrating Phases 1-3 with historical data, real-time forecasts, and soil moisture sensors, Phase 4 is where the rubber hits the road.

Here an auto-calculated schedule provides the best irrigation frequencies and durations for your field’s soil profiles, one that optimizes the retention of nutrients in your soil. The resulting schedules maintain specific soil moisture levels from vegetative development through harvest. How does this work? By locating sensors specifically into areas characterized as significantly different in Phase 1-3.

I M Scheduler Software is a service that provides crop and variety specific daily nutrition and irrigation scheduling based on Phase 1-3 base data, forecasted and historical GDD, ETo, KPc, Phenology, soil P.A.W. and real-time soil moisture sensors (SMS). I M Scheduler can run scenarios per your requirements doing all the calculations for you. I M Scheduler also provides an edit function to accommodate your operation’s daily changing requirements, allowing you to maintain the optimum depth of wetting and provide the proper level of soil moisture through the entire soil profile.

In Phase 4, utilizing the sensor locations identified in Phase 3, H2O Optimizer provides annual soil, tissue, and water sampling services to continually adjust recommendations on soil, foliar and injected fertilizer program requirements and timing. These recommendations are provided through I M Scheduler.

I M Scheduler dashboard maintains access to up-to-date nutritional requirements per your targeted crop and variety as identified in the annual sampling program.

I M Scheduler calculates annual applied water and the associated applied nutrients and salts in pounds per acre for a complete picture of your nutrient requirements and availability.

I M Scheduler targeted frequencies and durations by Phase 1-3 soil profiles ensures capturing all applied nutrients within the desired root zone. An updated schedule is provided daily based on real-time weather forecast on your daily I M Scheduler dashboard. The schedule calculation is based on weather forecast (Eto, KPc), Phase 1-3 base data, crop stage of maturity (phenology), and real-time soil moisture sensor status.

I M Scheduler calculates leaching requirements needed in frequency and duration to maintain a balanced soil profile.

Sensors calibrated using multispectral imagery (NDVI) is most productive if acquired early June – late August annually to confirm current sensor target levels for peak vegetation and harvest.

Nutrient Placement is controlled through irrigation duration, in both VRI and Same Set Plan layouts developed in Phase 3, grouping (Same Set Plan) and or separating zones through VRI.

I M Scheduler learns as it records each irrigation scenario. The automated Kc calculation (KPc) in I M Scheduler makes the daily adjustments to the Managed Irrigation Schedule daily.

As we add more information into IM Scheduler, such as water quality, nutrition, variety, rootstock, bud break, bloom, nut fill, veraison, harvest timing, yield, and quality the system will begin providing predictions on the timing of these key events.